Vaikunta Gadyam Pravachanam 10

Day 10 Vaikunta Gadyam Pravachanam important points:

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Ramanujacharya prays when will the Lord develop in him an intense hankering for going back to Parama padam: He says "when will I, His servant, ...."

* [jna:tum] always remember 1) I am His servant (a:tma da:syam) 2) He is the master of everything (hare:r swa:myam) 

* [drashtum] perceive that Lord replete with all 6 qualities, my forefather, my worshipable deity, my fortune, my object of pleasure, my mother (who cares for me), my father (who guides me in my welfare), my everything (Ex: Chintayanti from Bhagavatam). 

* [prave:shtum] bear on my head His two lotus feet/sathako:pam (Ex: Yamunacharya), serve Him free of other desires, become absorbed in service to Him... 

- this is the former of the 2 kinds of prapannata: a:rta prapana (one who leaves his body with hankering) vs drshta prapannata (one who is seeing the Lord from whatever circumstance they're in)

- After such a prayer, He prays further, when will He see us through daya (Lakshmi) and dismiss our disregard for scriptural injunctions, admit us lovingly into parama padam, and ask us to stay there and do service to Him? 

- when will the nityas and muktas welcome him?

- when will he do sarva vidha kainkaryam to Him?

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