Sharanagati Gadyam Pravachanam 9

Day 9  Sharanagathi Gadyam Pravachanam important points:

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* He who gives shelter without seeing any qualification to everyone and removes their difficulties...why does He remove?

* Because Va:tsalya is such a prominent, unmatched, oceanic quality in Him.But what if He asks if we have any qualification?

* He doesn't because He knows everything about everyone in truth, He knows we don't have any qualification, that we're incapable. What if He checks if we are at least free from pratiku:la pravrutti even if we don't have anuku:la pravrutti?

* He doesn't because, Ramanujacharya reminds, He is the controller of every action - good or bad.

* What then, if He replies, I will then protect you whenever I want? 

* He won't, because, it is His responsibility to take care of us, who are His objects.

* Just like achetanas can't do their job, I can't either. ( Ex: Bharata - ra:jyam)

* Ramanujacharya reminds of special relationship and love that He exists for him.

* He is always full. There is nothing we can give Him. He is not dependent on us for anything.

* He can deliver us, because just by His will, He can do things impossible for anyone else to do.

* He is distinct from everyone in that, everything that belongs to Him is for His devotees.

* A desire tree fulfills desires only if you go to it and ask, but He comes to us so that we can ask.

* He protects us from dangers. So we should ideally pray - may dangers come to me all the time so that I can remember You. But what if our consciousness is not so elevated? 

* He still protects us because compassion personified, Lakshmi is with Him. Even if she doesn't respond, He protects because of garbha-sambandham (Na:ra:yana). 

Oh such Narayana, I have no other refuge, I surrender to You. please protect me. 

* I give up dependence on all chetanas and achetanas as means of deliverance and objects of enjoyment.

* I give up all other means of reaching You, and even fortunes that are permanent.
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