Sharanagati Gadyam Pravachanam 10

Day 10  Sharanagathi Gadyam Pravachanam important points:

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This pravachanam is the explanation of 7th, 8th & 9th churnika.

Churnika 7:

Thvameva matha cha pitha thvameva
thavmeva bhandhuscha gurus thavameva |
thvameva vidhya dhravinam thvameva
thvameva sarvam mama dheva dheva ||

In 7th churnika, Sri Ramanuja describes bhagavan in various relations.

You (Lord Srimanarayana) are my mother, my father, my relative, my Guru, my knowledge, my matter, my everything.

In our sampradhayam, the entire creation is carried out by bhagavan and not by piratti, and hence bhagavan acts both as mother and father.

You are like relatives. Relatives are those who ensure that the person does not go the wrong way in life, control him and guide him in the correct path. Bhagavan is also the Antharathma. Thus he guides the person always and acts similar to the relatives.

You are like Acharya (teacher).  Guru removes darkness. Bhagavan removes ignorance in this samsaram (materialistic world) and grants moksham and hence he is the guru.  In our sampradhayam, he is the first and primary acharya, as mentioned in our guruparampara.

You are the knowledge to us. He provides the vedhas and vedhanthas  which provide knowledge

You are the wealth such as parabhakthi, paragyanam etc are the path for us to reach him.

You are my lord and master. You are the lord of nithyasuris and mukthathmas in srivaikuntam and you are my lord too.

Churnika  8:

Pithasi lokasya characharasya
thvamasya pujyascha gurur gareeyan I
na thvath samosthyabhyadhika: kuthonya
lokathrayepyaprathimaprabhava II

Bhagavan asks Sri ramanuja after hearing churnika 7, “am I father, mother, relative etc to you alone?” 

Sri ramanuja says “you are all these things, to all the entities in the entire universe” .
You are the father of all movable and immovable, living and nonliving beings. You are the only one who can be worshipped. You are the only one who can be a Teacher. Hence, You are the GREATEST. There is not even an equal person to match You.

Churnika  9:

Thasmath pranamya pranidhaya kayam
prasadhaye thvamahameesameedyam I
pitheva puthrasya sakheva sakhyu:
priya: priyayarhasi dheva! Sodum II

Sri ramanuja is apologizing for carrying out saranagathi . But what crime did he commit that he should apologise now? 

He feels that he had been going around doing many acts that are not prescribed in sasthras, just as a married woman leaves her husband, goes out with several others for a long time and returns to her husband, asking him to give her shelter and protection. Such an act of a woman would be considered as the extreme limit of crime. 

Sri ramanuja feels that he too has come to bhagavan after several births, going to various other dhevathas and indulging in activities not accepted by sasthram. Thus, having surrendered, he realises all the mistakes of the past and apologizes for the same.

Next Sri Ramanuja lists out what all wrong deeds he has committed. We shall see these in the 10th churnika.

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