Sharanagati Gadyam Pravachanam 12

Day 12  Sharanagathi Gadyam Pravachanam important points:

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Varavara muni says only resort for all our sins during ka:la traya using karana traya is to take shelter of Ramanujacharya (and his prayer to the Lord). Highlights from his prayer from chu:rnika 12:

* For us, three things have to go away: ajna:nam, karma bandham, prakruti sambandham (achit-sambandham).

* How does achit-sambandham happen? Because of ana:di karmas. 

* What is the loss because of this? We're not able to know things as they are.(vipari:ta jna:nam) 

* Variations of misconceptions: mistaking the body for the self, all souls are one, jiva is God, wrong conceptions about God, etc.

* What is the consequence of such improper understanding? we develop a tendency to enjoy sense objects (bho:gya buddhi toward vishaya:s)

* Therefore my Lord, You are the artist behind this creation. So, You help me cross over. If He asks why, Swami Ramanuja replies:

* Because I am Your servant (da:sa bhu:ta), it is Your duty to take care of Your servants. But He may say everyone is My servant, by that logic, I should deliver everyone. To this, Ramanuja replies:

* sarana:gato:smi tava:smi da:sa iti vakta:ram - because I'm declaring  myself as Your refugee and servant.

* ma:m ta:raya - therefore deliver me.

choornika 13:

Ramanuja remembers 3 verses (7.17-19) from Bhagavad Gita where Krishna talks about jna:nis who are dear to Him and prays to the Lord to make Him such a jna:ni. Wondering what their qualities are?

- they aspire for the Lord Himself, and not things given by the Lord

- they are always with the Lord

- Lord feels even He may not have as much love for them as much as they have for the Lord. (Ex: Periya:zhwa:r)

- He feels they are the reason for His existence. They are His life-blood.

- After many births in samsa:ra, they come to the conclusion Va:sudeva is everything and surrender to Him. Such souls are very rare.
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