Sharanagati Gadyam Pravachanam 17

Day 17  Sharanagathi Gadyam Pravachanam important points:

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This pravachanam is the explanation of 20th, 21st ,22nd & 23rd churnikas. 

Churnika 20:

·     Due to perumal‘s grace, Sri Ramanuja would get complete, endless knowledge on perumal’s exalted feet and would gradually get his dharsan and would ultimately attain perumal.

·     Sri Ramanuja will become a truly great servitor to Perumal. Thus parabhakthi, paragyana, paramabhakthi will lead to getting  experience of Perumal. This experience will result in unlimited love for him which will ultimately lead to permanent kainkaryam (service) at his exalted feet. This kainkaryam is given in a wondrous place from which no one ever returns (srivaikuntam).

Churnika 21:

Ma the bhudhathra samsaya

·     Perumal tells Sri Ramanuja not to have any doubts at this stage. But why is he saying this when sri ramanuja has not uttered a word?

·     Sri Ramanuja thinks over whatever has happened so far. He feels that what he has done (surrendering to Perumal) is a very small effort. But, the benefit happened out of this is magnificent (getting moksham, srivaikuntam)( Na Cha Punaravarthathey).

·      In this world, even to get  a small benefit, one has to put in lot of efforts. Hence, Sri Ramanuja wondered that how would such an exalted benefit come to me for such a small effort. Sri Ramanuja doesn’t say this, but only thinks. It is not enough for Perumal(sarvagyan) to respond.

·     Perumal says that he could expect this from someone who has tried to attain moksham with his own efforts through upayantharams, the other paths (karma, gyana, bhakthi yoga). But sri ramanuja has given up everything else and surrendered to Perumal himself. The basic feature to be noticed here is that the effort that we think we have put in (in surrendering to Perumal) is not really our effort, but his mercy.

Churnika 22:

1)  Anrutham noktha purvam me na cha vakshye kadhachana I
 ramo dhvir nabhibhashathe II
2)  Sakrudheva prapannaya thavasmithi cha yachathe I
 abhayam sarva bhuthebhyo dhadhamyethadh vratham mama II
3)  Sarva dharman parithyajya mamekam saranam vraja I
 aham thva sarva papebhyo mokshayishyami ma Sucha: II
 ithi mayaiva  hyuktham II

There are three sentences, spoken by three different persons.
The first is by Namperumal, the 2nd by SriRama and the 3rd by Sri krishna.

1) Namperumal says that there has been no falsehood in whatever he has spoken in the past. It is not that it is due to some destiny. He doesn’t have even the smell of falsehood anywhere near him. When there is no connection at all with falsehood, how can he be expected to speak falsehood in future? That is also impossible.
Namperumal says that he is the representative of srirama and hence he conveys the mission  once and only once(Adhvitiyam). Srirama had constantly held on to this throughout his avatharam(incarnation).

2) Srirama says in Sri Ramayanam when vibhishana comes to surrender to him , that it is his vow  to grant fearlessness from all living beings to a person who has surrendered to him once and who wholeheartedly feels that he (the person) belongs to him (sri rama).

3) Krishna had said this charama slokam in the battlefield of kurukshethra as part of Bhagavath Githa. He had told arjun to leave all the other paths and hold on to him as the only path and that he would liberate him from all his sins.

·     Still doubt raised in Sri ramanuja’s mind as the two avatharams are different (in ramavatharam, he spoke only truths; in krishnavatharam, he had spoken lies too) and would they not wrong? Perumal says that whether it was truth or lie that he spoke, he did so for his followers who surrendered to him and so long as they hold on to him, he will not let them down. 

Churnika 23:

Athasthvam thava  thathvatho magyana dharsana prapthishu
nissamsayas sukhamasva II

·     Perumal tells Sri Ramanuja that a person who had surrendered himself completely to him, will get full knowledge about him, have his dharsan and will ultimately reach him (this is parabhakthi, paragyana, paramabhakthi as we have seen several times). He assures him that this will happen and that he need not have any doubt about this and blesses him to remain happily forever.

With this we completed saranagathi gadhyam.

Alwar Emberumanar Jeeyar Aacharya Divya Thiruvadigale Saranam.

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