Sharanagati Gadyam Pravachanam 16

Day 16  Sharanagathi Gadyam Pravachanam important points:

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This pravachanam is the explanation of 19th churnika. 

Churnika 19:

AdhyAthmika – Adhibauthika – Adhidhaivika dhu:kka 
vignagandha rahithasthvam dhvayam arthAnusandhAnEna
saha sadhaivam vakthA yAvachcharIrapAtham athraiva SrIrangE
sukhamAsva II

Perumal says that Sri Ramanuja will not be affected by any of the thapathrayams. Even their smell will not come anywhere near him, assures perumal. Ramanuja wonders how that is possible when he has this body.

Here the reference is to the fact that bhagavadh ramanuja has surrendered himself to perumal and hence these ailments will not trouble such a person. The person who surrenders has given up everything and has held on only to perumal. All the happiness and sadness will no more trouble such a person as he has left everything to him. 

Perumal tells bhagavadh ramanuja to keep repeating dhvayam continuously, with the meanings of the words. Keeping aside all relationships with people here, without getting involved in samsaram, praying for kainkaryam to perumal, for a person who surrenders himself to sriman narayanan, the only companion is dhvayam and he should keep repeating it, knowing fully, its meaning.

Earlier, in order to grant him his wishes, perumal had told sri ramanuja that it was sufficient for him to have somehow recited dhvayam. But now, he is asking ramanuja to recite dhvayam knowing its meaning. Why such a difference? This is because, to get perumal’s recognition, it is enough to recite it. But here, the need is different. Ramanuja now wants to know how to spend the rest of his life. For this, perumal tells him to recite dhvayam, but knowing fully well, its meaning.

Since saranagathi gadhyam already contains the meaning of dhvayam, saying gadhyam is like saying dhvayam with all its meanings. But then why should it be said always? Is it not enough to say it once? Why say it repeatedly? Living in this samsaram, we keep thinking of other paths to attain perumal (upayantharam) and keep thinking of other benefits to ask of him (prayojanantharam). Toward off these evils, perumal tells sri ramanuja to recite dhvayam repeatedly.

Perumal says he has to keep reciting dhvayam until the body falls down. Ramanuja accepts it but says that he finds it difficult to stay in this samsaram (the materialistic realm) that gives only ignorance. Ramanuja asked perumal to also show him the place where he should stay. Perumal tells him that he need not stay in samsaram. Ramanuja asks him whether he is granting him srivaikuntam immediately. Perumal says that it is not time yet for him to come to srivaikuntam and at the same time, he need not stay in samsaram.

Perumal tells him to stay comfortably in srirangam. It is neither a part of leela vibhuthi nor a part of nithya vibhuthi but it is his third vibhuthi, also known as bhuloka vaikuntam(srivaikuntam on earth). People living here are different from samsaris as well as from nithya/mukthathmas. This is the right place for sri ramanuja, says Perumal. 

Perumal adds Srirangam since he has left paramapadham (srivaikuntam) and taken a posture in the temple (at srirangam), nothing in either of the two other vibhuthis would equal this srirangam. Hence he orders sri ramanuja to stay in srirangam.
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