Sharanagati Gadyam Pravachanam 15

Day 15  Sharanagathi Gadyam Pravachanam important points:

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This pravachanam is the explanation of 17th churnika talk 2 & Churnika 18. 

Let us see the Second part of 17th Churnika.
Churnika 17: (Part – 2)

In the previous part, we had seen Perumal informing Bhagavath Ramanuja that inspite of ramanuja’s various misdeeds, he was fulfilling his desires only because sri ramanuja recited dvayam. We shall continue from there.

Perumal says that it was only due to his mercy that all the hurdles are totally removed. His mercy alone is sufficient. What are these hurdles?

The hurdles are those which prevented Sri Ramanuja (all the sins and misdeeds that he had committed, as we had seen in the first part of this churnika) from realising parabhakthi, paragyana, paramabhakthi at the two exalted lotus feet of perumal and carrying out kainkaryam to him.

Perumal says that Sri Ramanuja will get complete and infinite knowledge about perumal, have vision of perumal and attain him. So that he could carry out kainkaryam to his exalted feet.

Perumal says that only due to his grace, sri ramanuja would be  able to see with his own eyes all the entities of perumal – his basic nature, his wonderful physical beauty, his auspicious qualities, his wealth, both in the leela vibhuthi (this world where we live) and nithya vibhuthi (srivaikuntam). 

We can hear about Perumal; we can think about him and meditate continuously about him. Once his grace comes to us, our Athmasvarupam (nature of oneself) blossoms in all its greatness (Vybhavam) and we see ourselves for what we are: that we are under his control (he directs us from inside) and that we are his servitors (dhasya). This is called us Athma svarupa sakshathkaram (seeing/understanding the self as it is).

Once we get this athmasvarupa sakshathkaram we cannot stop without experiencing him. It will take us to svarupa yathathmyam (knowing about self). 

What is this svarupa yathathmyam? It is knowing that we are fully subsistent on perumal for everything. It is not our nature to enjoy ourselves (kaivalyam or athma enjoying self). It is our nature to serve him always. This service to perumal will make him happy. Our happiness comes out of his happiness. We should not say that “he is my Lord”, but we should say that “I am his servitor”. 

Perumal grants Sri Ramanuja his wish. He tells ramanuja that he can carry out all services to him with the love.

Thus Perumal fulfills all that Sri ramanuja had prayed to him, starting with removing all the hurdles in the path of getting parabhakthi, paramagyana, paramabhakthi and ending with carrying out service in all situations.

Churnika 18:
It is just One Line Churnika.
Evam bhuthosi (Let your desire become true)

Perumal grants sri ramanuja’s prayer to be a servitor at his exalted feet, always like this.
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