Sharanagati Gadyam Pravachanam 14

Day 14  Sharanagathi Gadyam Pravachanam important points:

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This pravachanam is the explanation of 17th churnika. It is a lengthy one and we have to see this in two parts.

Churnika 17: (Part – 1) Here, Periya Perumal gave reply to Sri Ramanuja.

* Vedas mention karma (acting as per Vedha’s injunctions), gyana (knowledge about bhagavan), bhakthi (devotion to bhagavan) as upayams (paths) for reaching God.

Bhagavan says: “ Even if you cannot reach Me through karma, gyana, bhakthi yogam (as they’re against your svarupam)”,

Even if you are surrounded by sins which will prevent you from even attempting to get that gyana…

Even if you perform misdeeds towards Him or His devotees (which are intolerable) due to Vipareetha ahankaram  (i.e., considering body as athma) The causative factor for this is our papa (sins) and the cause for that is dhehathmabhimanam (mistaking body for athma). 

Athma’s swarupam (nature) is gyanam (knowledge) and Anandham (happiness). Athma is different from and superior to prakruthi (primordial nature).

Due to the vipareetha ahankaram, the basic nature of athma, which is seshathvam (being servitor to bhagavan) is hidden.

•Bhagavan explains the cause and effect for the two faults namely papam and ahankaram. 

Bhagavan goes to the root of the vipareetha vasana which is dheha sambhandham or connection to the body, which is due to the endless binding of prakruthi on us. Due to this, we have dhehathmabhimanam; due to dhehathmabhimanam, we have vipareetha vasana; due to vipareetha vasana, we indulge in apacharam and ahankaram. This is a vicious circle, which is difficult to snap.

* Because of this we suffer from 3 kinds of difficulties - Adhyathmika Adhibhauthika Adhidhaivika:

Adhyathmika – dheha vyadhi (physical ailments) and mano vyadhi (mental ailments).

Examples of  mental ailments are desire, anger, fear, hatred, sadness, jealousy, shame, distress etc.

Examples of physical ailments are headache, fever, pain in the eyes, skin disease etc.

Adhibhouthika – ailments due to animals, birds, human beings, demons, reptiles etc. 

Adhidhaivika – ailments due to heat, cold, storms, thunder, lightning, rain etc caused by nature.

Because of these three, we suffer from happiness (getting desired objects) and distress (not getting desired objects) for ourselves or for others dear to us. Regarding others, they may be either friends or enemies or not known to us. If they are friends, we are happy when they get what they want and we are sad if they do not get what they want. In the case of enemies, it is the opposite – we feel sad if they are happy and we feel happy if they are sad. It does not matter to us if the other person is not known to us (neither friend nor enemy).

Even if you have faults in you, due to which you lost focus on My feet of bhagavan, if you somehow or the other, recite the dhvaya manthram, He (bhagavan) will grant you all your wishes. It does not matter how one says dhvayam – whether he says with an agreeable mind or not; However, it should be only dhvayam.
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