Vaikunta Gadyam Pravachanam 9

Day 9 Vaikunta Gadyam Pravachanam important points:

Please click the link below to download the recording of pravachanam 9:

* Lord possessing all bodily features of an uttama purusha - neck like a conch, raised shoulders, arms stretching to knee length, 

* Features unique to Him such as sankha-chakra-padma on His palms and soles.

* Lord's 4 bhujas standing for four purusharthas.

*  Lord's feet resembling the beauty of a pair of newly blossomed lotuses.

* His ornaments and rows of necklaces He wears.

* The charitable nature of His hands.

* That the srivatsa containing the entire srushti in it, is the residing place for Lakshmi and qualities such as compassion and will

* Vanamala coming before pancha ayudhas (VSN 108: Vanamali gadi sarngi...) 

* that only when one possesses kainkarya lakshmi, one is considered sri:mantah (Ex: Vishwaksena, Lakshmana in forest)

By the way, did you know that this third choornika is an elaboration for "samasta pariva:ra:ya sarva divya mangala vigraha:ya sri:mate: Na:ra:yana:ya"? Curious how? Hear about Lakshmi same:ta Na:rayana, His form, ornaments, and family.
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