Vaikunta Gadyam Pravachanam 6

Day 6 Vaikunta Gadyam Pravachanam important points:

Please click the link below to download the recording of pravachanam 6:

* Swami begins with significance of #6 on this 6th day - 6 qualities make Bhagavan Purushottama, a jiva who possesses 6 qualities can experience Vaikuntha, 6 kriyas (actionable items) in 6 churnikas (Ex: anuvrajet, anusmaret, etc)

Swamy then takes us through an experience of Vaikuntha. Here are a few glimpses...

* The world beyond the brahmandas comprising 14 lokas, beyond the 7 shell coverings of water, fire, etc, attained by archira:di, 

* The Supreme sky,  which is beyond the ability of even greatest persons such as Brahma and Siva to comprehend or describe,

* where there are no hindrances 

* where anantas (in every sense) and mahatmas reside...
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