Vaikunta Gadyam Pravachanam 5

Day 5 Vaikunta Gadyam Pravachanam important points:

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*An a:srita has the attitude: "I know no one else superior, but You. I exist as Your object. I am meant for Your use. What should I do?"

*vatsalya - He considers our mistakes as gunas and exists as dosha bhogya. Ex: cow 

*Eka jaladhi - He exists like that all the time. 

*Bhakta jana samsleshaika bhogasya -  He feels the prapanna's happiness as His happiness. 

* What is bhakti? meditation that is like a continuous flow of oil, with love; not remembering once and forgetting, not as a burden. "I cannot exist without remembering" - such feeling is bhakti. 

* He considers a prapanna as His bhogyam, His po:shakam, His dha:rakam.

* Vaikuntha has place for everyone. Never "house full"

* Lord pays attention to every single jiva and experiences their happiness.

* Lakshmi Devi also exists in 3 forms - sri: bhu: ni:la devi 

* tatgata sarvabhavena - all senses thinking of him...Ex: Valmiki, Sita (bhaskarena prabha yatha..)

* Sri Vaishnava anushtanam is the greatest anushtanam. Therefore pratyaham means whatever you do, consider it as bhagavat kainkaryam and do it.
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