Vaikunta Gadyam Pravachanam 3

Day 3 Vaikunta Gadyam Pravachanam important points:

Please click the link below to download the recording of pravachanam 3:

* compassion of Ramanujacharya in repeatedly pointing us to the same topics in all 3 gadyas moving us into sattva guna.

* difference between 3 gunas and 3 sub-divisions within each guna.

* Lord alone is referred to as Parama Purusha

* He alone is Bhagavan, the source of all creation, replete with all 6 qualities - aisvarya, virya, sakti, tejah, jnana, vairagya.

* He alone exists as the basis of everything deserving the name Na:ra:yana.

* He alone is glorified as such in the Vedas, Itihasas, Puranas and Upanishads.

* He exists as our Master, our Guru and our Suhrut, as the inner soul of even Brahma, Indra, Rudra, Muktas and Nityas, 

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