Vaikunta Gadyam Pravachanam 1

Day 1 Vaikunta Gadyam Pravachanam important points:

First day pravachanam of Vaikunta Gadyam by Sriman U.Ve. Muralikrishanamacharyulu Gudhimella Bhadrachalam Varu.

Please click the link below to download the recording of pravachanam 1:

* For a mumukshu, there is nothing beyond 3 kinds of knowledge to be known.

* Having learned sva jna:nam and pra:paka jna:nam in the prior two Gadyas, it is now time to learn of our pra:pyam/fruit (Sri: Vaikuntham)....

* Let us together march into Sri Vaikuntha Gadya under the able guidance of Sriman G Muralikrishnamacharyulu garu....

* Hear about a description about Sri Vaikuntham, Lord's divya mangala form, and the kind of experience we feel when we go there in this Gadya...

* Hear again of auspicious qualities of the Lord such as jnana, bala, aiswarya, virya...

* Hear how prapatti is superior to karma, jnana and bhakti as means for redemption, prapatti is dear to the Lord Himself and how everyone is eligible for prapatti.

* Hear how prapatti is necessary for bhakti to stabilize - ex: ananya gatitvam, akinchanatvam, anapekshatvam.

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