Sharanagati Gadyam Pravachanam 7

Day 7 Sharanagathi Gadyam Pravachanam important points:

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Today’s pravachanam is the continuation 5th Churnika third day in row.

Here, acharya Ramanuja goes on to describe the ornaments and adornments on the divya vigraha of Lord sriranganatha.

·         The qualities of the ornaments are  added beauty to his thirumeni (form).
·         These ornaments are of different types made of pearls or coral or other gems.
·         They will be constantly glowing. These ornaments are not there for themselves but for the sake of Lord Narayana.
·         His ornaments will also be sweet smelling. Since Srimanarayana’s thirumeni (body) itself is sweet smelling, the ornaments will also get the sweet smell. 
·         These ornaments will not cause any irritation to bhagavan but would be very soft on his thirumeni. There will be no need to remove them even when he goes to sleep.
·         These are the qualities of the ornaments.The list of these ornaments starting with kirita on his head and ending with nupur on his ankle.They are
  1. Kirita
  2. Makuta
  3. Chuda
  4. Avathamsa
  5. Makara kundala
  6. Graiveyaka
  7. Hara
  8. Keyura
  9. Kataka­­
  10. Srivathsa
  11. Kausthuba(five gemstones)
  12. Mukthadhama udharabhandhana 
  13. Pithambara (yellow coloured dress)
  14. Kanchiguna
  15. Nupur etc.. 
Next Sri Ramanuja describes Srimanarayana’s divine weapons.

  • His weapons will look like ornaments to his followers while they will look like killing weapons to his enemies.

The Sakthi (power) of his weapons is beyond our imagination.

The five of his major weapons are Sankham(Conch),Chakram(Discus),Gadha(Mice),Kadgam(Sword),sarangam(bow).

These divine weapons will appear on bhagavan‘s thirumeni as soon as he thinks of them. When they go to kill an enemy, they do not think that they have killed the enemy, but being a part of bhagavan, they had carried out their role.

Next Sri Ramanuja describes Srimanarayana’s consorts(Wife).

·         Srimanarayana  is also the Lord of bhu and nila devis with attributes similar to that of sri Devi. This is indicated by the word "evambhuta".
·         The two devis are mentioned separately as they occupy not the same status as sri devi, but are her seshabhutas.
·         Here, bhagavan is mentioned as nayaka whereas in the case of piratti, he is mentioned as vallabha.
·         The difference is that a nayaka (or lord) is one who expects his rights to be observed and goes by rules and regulations while a vallabha (loving person) is one who does things out of love and affection. It is said that bhu dhevi and neela dhevi had agreed to be servitors to bhagavan and piratti and are contented doing service to them.

Next Sri Ramanuja goes on to look at the followers in srivaikuntam.

·         Nithyasuris are those who were always present in srivaikuntam and were never born in leela vibhuthi (earth.
·         They carry out kainkaryam just by looking at bhagavan’s face, knowing what he desires, unlike us who need to be told by him as to what he wants us to do.
·         When bhagavan wants a service to be carried out, the nithyasuris get fully involved with total dedication in that kainkaryam.
·         Adhi seshan, vishvaksenar, garuda are all part of the group of nithyasuris.
·         Sesha – thiuvananthalwan. The serpent(snake) bed of bhagavan.
·         Seshasana –vishwaksenar. The commander-in-chief of bhagavan‘s army.
·         Garuda – Bird. Bhagavan‘s vehicle.

In this way there are different types of nithyasuris, based on their main work. 
­ ­y are  be sweet smellingow hend ending with nupuram(anklet)
­ ­y are  be sweet smellingow hend ending with nupuram(anklet)
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