Sharanagati Gadyam Pravachanam 6

Day 6 Sharanagathi Gadyam Pravachanam important points:

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Today’s pravachanam is the continuation of 5th churnika.
·         This churnika explains about the qualities and characteristics of Paramatma.
·   This saranagati gadyam is very important one since it deals with the Bhagavat gunams
·         The first six characteristics are Pradhana Gunams.
·         They are : Jnana, Bala, Aisvarya, Virya, Shakti and tejas.
·     The five pradhana gunams are for both Bhakta rakshanam (anugraham) as well as for dandanam.
·         There are 12 other kalyana gunams of the Lord that are exclusively for Bhakta rakshanam.
·         These are:
1. Sausilyam(not concerned about difference in levels, treating all as equal)
2. Vatsalyam(a mother’s affection)
3. Mardavam(soft in heart)
4. Arjavam(honest)
5. Sauhardam(good hearted)
6. Samyam(Equal)
7. Karunyam(Mercy)
8. Madhuryam(Kind)
9. Gambhiryam(Deep)
10. Oudaryam(Generous in nature)
11. Chaturyam(Clever) and
12. Sthairyam(Firm)
·         The above twelve gunams (qualities) are useful to paramatma for saving his dear devotees. Then follow SIX more gunas:
1.   Dhairya(Courage)
2.   Saurya(Defeating Enemies)
3. Parakrama(not tiring)
4. Satyakama(Having Likable Qualities)
5. Krtitva(doing)
6. Kritagyata(Thankful)
·         Dhairyam, Sauryam and parakramam: These are three gunams are fruitful to destroy the enemies.
·         These countless auspicious qualities are like a great ocean

Learning Point of the day:

Perumal's Datrutwam (Daana Gunam) is uncomparable. With his divine grace, perumal always gives more than what we ask for. Let us not ask for any materialistic wishes from HIM. His grace is independent of what we have asked or  performed in our daily lives. Its impossible for any jeevathma to estimate what Perumal gives us. He even gives himself for Jeevathma. He stands in the FIRST place in providing treasure of wealth to his Ashritas. Thats why we call him PURUSHOTHHAMA. Let us all surrender to him and keep faith that HE provides us everything.

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