Sharanagati Gadyam Pravachanam 5

Day 5 Sharanagathi Gadyam Pravachanam important points:

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This  pravachanam is the introduction of 5th  Churnika.

In the 5th churnai, sri ramanuja establishes the supreme being to whom one should surrender. 
Since the churnai is very lengthy, we shall see it in several parts.

·         Its enough to do sarangathi only once. But with the deep interest (aarthi), we keep doing every day. 
·         On behalf of us, sriramanuja charya is praying to perumal to forgive us through this sarganathi gadyam. It is also depicted in srimath varavara muni’s prayer called, yathiraja vimshathi. 
·         Started understanding 5th churnika. Fifth churnika is the biggest churnika of saranagathi gadya and it explains second word of dwaya mantra, “narayana”.
·         Dwaya mantra consists of six words.
·         Tatwa trayam – tatwa, hitam and purshartham, Ishwara tattva explained the path which leads bhagavan as hita to attain ultimate goal (purushuartha), the divine abode of perumal.
·         5th churnika starts with various forms of sambodhana (salutations) to perumal. We salute to someone when we belief that he is in front us to accept our prayers.
·         We obtained this consent from first 1 to 4th churnika wherein we prayed to mother as purushakara. 
·         Explained six qualities (bhagamulu) of bhagavan.
·         They are Jnana, bala, ishwarya, veerya, shakthi and tejas.

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