Sharanagati Gadyam Pravachanam 3

Third day pravachanam of Saranagathi Gadyam by Smt. KV Janakamma garu.

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Saranagathi gadyam Pravachanam day 3 points:
There are 24 churnikas in Saranagathi Gadyam.

·         Today we completed the indepth explaination of first Churnika(Para) of Sharanagathi Gadyam.

·         On the Utthara Phalguni day Lord SriRanganadha( Namperumal ) appears along with Sri Ranganayaki Taayar in Setthi Seva( darshan of Divya dampathis together ). This is the only day on which the Divya  Dampatis of Srirangam are seen together in Utsavam.

·         It is also the day on which Sri Bhagavath Ramanujacharya Swamy  performed Gadya trayam composition( Sharanagathi Gadhyam, Sriranga Gadyam and Vaikuntha Gadhyam)  to Sri Ranganayaki Thayar and Sri Ranganatha.

·         The purpose of these gadhyams  in fact is only to guide us who are caught in samsaaric troubles(materialistic, hollow life of karmic bondage).There is no other chance of escape for us, except by doing Sharanagathi  to Periya Perumal (Sri Ranganadha).

·         Sharanagati means  Atma Vivaham( wedding of the jeevatma to the paramatma).

·         In the first Churnika, Ramanujacharya(Yati Raja) praises  Sri Ranganayaki Taayar by glorifying her attributes of mercy, daya, vatsalyam and her  being together with the Lord Sri Ranganadha  at all times under all circumstances( Nityanapayanee). Then, Sri Ramanujacharya Swamy  pleads  with the taayar do purushakaram by putting in a good word for us so that  Lord Sri Ranganadha  will forgive the mistakes done by jeevathma. He then  requests for the permanent service at feet of the lord.

·         This churnika is considered to be the explanation for dhvayam. 

·         While Srimanarayana is supposed to grant all boons (sakala phalapradam), why surrender first to piratti (sri mahalakshmi)?
Just as a son who has left home for several years, when he returns, he goes first to his mother and seeks her acceptance before meeting his father, sri ramanuja feels that he should first get piratti to hear him out. 

·         Moreover, isn’t she “suhrudham sarvabhuthanam” (Bhagavath Githa – one who thinks well for all beings)?
In both her eyes, she has “chandran” (i.e. she has only affection) while Perumal has anger in one eye (“suryan”) and affection (“chandran”) in the other.

·         When sri ramanuja approaches narayana, what if narayana looks at him with anger, considering his past deeds? He thus feels it is safer to surrender to her first. With her blessings, he even gets the courage to ask srimanarayana to forgive him, later on.

Churnika 1:
Om bhagavan narayana abhimata anurupa svaruparupa gunavibhava aishvarya siladi anavadhikatisaya asamkhyeya kalyanagunaganam padmavanalayam bhagavatim Sriyam devim nitya anapayinim niravadyam devadeva divya mahishim akhila jaganmataram (asmat mataram) asaranya Saranyam ananyasarana: Saranam aham prapadye 

Word-by-Word meaning:

bhagavan – one who possesses six essential qualities (gyana, bhala, aiswarya, virya, Sakthi, thejas.)

narayana – the residing place for all beings, both sentient and insentient

abhimatha – being liked by srIman narayana

anurupa – having same physical beauty as sriman narayana

swarupa – natural characteristics 

rupa – physical beautiful form

guna – many good qualities

vibhava – possessing wealth unimaginable

aiswarya – ability to direct or control other beings

Seela – quality that makes one not to look at the defects of followers

Adhi – etc., (many more such qualities)

anavadhika – never reducing

athisaya – wondrous

asankhyeya – countless

kalyana guna ganam – possessing hordes(crowd) of very good qualities

padhma vanalayam – having a forest of lotus as seat, to sit on

bhagavathim – possessing the 6 qualities mentioned for bhagavAn (gyana, bhala, aiswarya, virya, Sakthi, thejas.)

Sriyam – being “SRI” (mahalakshmi)

dhevim – possessing luminous power

nithyanapayinim – never leaving sriman narayana

niravadhyam – without any fault; possessing these qualities not for enhancing herself, but for the well being of followers

dhevadheva dhivya mahishim – being the royal queen of the king of all dhevas

akhila jagan matharam – being the mother of all worldly beings

asman matharam – being my mother too (as a special quality)

asaranya sarana: – one who has nowhere else to go to and thus surrenders

Saranam aham prapadhye – such a person, adiyen (servant such as I), surrenders to you

Learning Point of the day:
·         When piratti(Sri Ranganayaki Taayar) is along with perumal(Sri ranganadha) then the chance of getting excused for the  mistake is there.But when perumal is all alone then getting punishment is sure.

·         Meanwhile, Perumal is “Rakshagan” when piratti is with him else he is “Sikshagan”. Because of all the papam done by a jeevaathma, perumal gets angry when a jeevatma goes to him.Piratti talks to Perumal on
our behalf and requests perumal to excuse the jeevathma who is repenting for  the  mistakes committed.(Mother recommends the child to the father).

·         Such is the greatness when piratti is with perumal .So it is better to seek perumal when piratti is next to  him.

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