Sharanagati Gadyam Pravachanam 1

First day pravachanam of Saranagathi Gadyam by Smt. KV Janakamma garu  briefed about 9 Grandhas and explained how they evolved.

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Saranagathi gadyam Pravachanam day 1 points:

This Pravachanam is all about the importance of Bhagavath Ramanujacharya and Saranagathi.

If we read Saranagathi gadyam everyday, it will avoid family tensions(samsaram) in our life and it will makes us to get closer to paramatma(sarveswara).It teaches the value of god to us and shows the way to reach paramatma.

Before learning about Saranagathi gadyam, we have to know about one Great philosopher, scholar "Bhagavath Ramanujacharya ".

First of all we have to learn about "Ramanuja Vaibhavam".

A  small example proves the vaibhavam(greatness) and importance  of Ramanujacharya. 

In paramapadam, Paramatma(God) feels sorrow. The reason for Paramatma sadness is all about people.He is thinking that  he gave equal freedom and better choices to people for reaching paramapadam but no one is utilizing that chances to get closer to paramatma(god).For this reason paramatma feels depression and he is worrying about the people that how to get them in a good way to reach paramapadam.At that time he decided to send nityakinkaras(those who do Seva's to God in paramapadam) to earth and wanted to teach lessons and make people get closer to God..In this nityakinkaras list, the first one is "Bhagavath Ramanujacharya swamy".This proves the greatness and importance of Ramanujacharya.

He is the only one who has the capability to avoid paramatma sorrow and tension.

He is the only one shows the good way to people to reach paramapadam .

This is the 1000th year that the great person had came to our earth.It is named as "Sahasrabhdhi".

We are very lucky to be here in this 1000th year.

Ramanujacharya wrote 9 grandha's for us to learn.

It's our pleasure to learn about that 9 grandha's (Nava Ratnam's).

It has some order to learn those grandha's.

1.   Vedantha Sangraham

2.   Sri Bhayam

3.   Bhagavath Gita Bhasyam

4.   Vedantha Deepam

5.   Vedantha Saram

Gadhya trayam

6.   Saranagathi Gadyam

7.   SriRanga Gadyam

8.   Vaikunta Gadyam

9.   Nitya Grandham

Among all these,Gadyam trayam is very very important Grandham.

We have to learn all the grandha's and we have to follow the ways and  keep it in action in our lives.

Prapannas (means those who believes that paramatma is the only one who saves us  from every problem).

Prapannas will definitely have to read 3 important stothras every day.They are

1.   Alavandar sthotra Ratnam's
2.   Gadyam Trayam
3.   Yati raja vimsathi

These grandha's removes our sorrows and also gives whole wealth and happiness to us.It shows the way to reach paramatma.


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